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Things had been so boring at Malfoy Manor for the last few weeks. All Tes could do was go out shopping for the baby, which wasn't as exciting as it sounded. When there was nothing else to do - something that happened quite frequntly - her bed would be laid out with those perfect sheets covering her as she laid thinking. Nothing new had happened in months. Lucius had hardly spoken one word to her since the wedding. The Dark Lord's activity was null and void as were any signs of anything Muggles would view as "demonic". And there was that one person she rarely saw. That person who drew her closer to her roots and to the position that she claimed was the true way, despite personal hypocricy. It was time to visit Rodolphus again.

Packing up a few robes and random muggle clothing, at least the ones that still fit at three months pregnant, into a bag, Tes knew she had to go see her uncle. There had been too much of a lapse in time. Her head had been shoved up too far in her ass; too many dreams of finally attaining the wealth and prestige she craved broke her ambition into a rolling and lazy slob once they were in her grasp. Things needed to be done. Almost immediately she called out into the fireplace, threw in the floo powder and waited for the green flames to incase her. After all, her children would need all the family it could get.
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Who: Zach and Harry
Where: Harry's flat, and Shanty's Wizarding Club in London
When: Don't ask...recent
Summary: Harry and Zach celebrate belated birthdays by getting drunk, dancing, and talking about Flint.

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Rodolphus was sitting right up in his chair. For weeks, perhaps even months, who knew (he certainly had no idea) he had tried to fight the boredom with books, he had slumped on his couch, he had drunk every bottle of alcohol he had found -- and now he was sitting right up in his couch. His eyes wide open, he stared at the fireplace as if lightning had struck him. His brains were clearer than they had ever been since his stay in the apartment and his hands clutched at the table. He remained still like this for nearly half an hour, his mind racing with thoughts that he could not express and made no sense. An insane, yet brilliant and without a doubt satisfying plan.

Except... he couldn't do that, it was impossible. Yet he deserved it, the darned brat, he deserved to know what it feels like. But it was a kamikaze plan! Absolutely ridiculous...though what did he have to lose, anyway? If he didn't do this, perhaps he'd be stuck in this apartment forever. Yes, but the Ministry... Screw the Ministry. Screw Azkaban. Bellatrix...

Bella. If she'd see him trapped like this, she'd kill him. He had to do it. For her.
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Angelina was nervous. She wasn't sure why she was nervous, but she was. It had been a few months, but she was finally doing it. She was finally moving in with Blaise. She wasn't sure excited was exactly the word she was looking for, but it would have to do. She was fidgeting in place as she finally raised her wand to apparate to the address Blaise had given her.

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"This is complete, utter, festering bollocks." George rummaged in his sack, swapping hastily scribbled upon notes and messy quills for a pack of Lucky Strikes. "Can't believe we're wasting our time with this..."

Fred watched his brother struggle to locate his wand, then light the end of the cigarette. "Oh, shut it, George. Once we finish these lessons, we can open the store again."

"But we can barely afford them as it is!"

"Which is why we're headed off to Beds, Knobs, and Broomsticks, dear brother!" Fred flung his arm around George, rubbing at the mass of fiery unkempt hair on his head. "Good old Lee will know what to do with us. He'll keep us in some quid while we finish off these lessons."

George pinched the base of his cigarette between his thumb and forefinger. He inhaled a long drag and held it in his lungs until he thought his chest was going to explode. His body ached with nervousness, and he didn't even begin to know how he was going to handle it.
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Move quietly.

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From the tone of some of the owls he'd received earlier, he could tell Zach wasn't in the greatest of moods. Definitely a shame, what with it being his birthday. Still, Marcus decided the least he could do was try his best at cheering him up and so, he found himself waiting in their living room with a number of (badly) wrapped gifts sat beside him, dressed in one of the suits Zach had helped him pick out.
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Hannah Abbott enjoyed being free. Enjoyed the ability of not drinking instant coffee and being hoarded away. Being pardoned had only increased the urge to be out and wandering.

Entering the small cafe in Diagon Alley, she inhaled deeply before ordering a peppermint coffee and a chocolate biscotti. It took her a moment to decide not to sit in a booth, or even stay for that matter, rather..just continue her wandering.

It was not long until she was holding her head high and ignoring the looks she was receiving. Still famous. She thought bitterly, as she darted around people, the coffee being held so it would not spill. Brushing by witches and wizards she uttered soft apologies and turned down an alley way. Leaning against the wall, she shook her head and glanced up at the sky, wanting to be ignored just like the good old days, but she wouldn't mind seeing a friendly face.

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Who: Fred and George.
Where: Their shithole flat.
Summary: The twins receive a post from the MoM. Fred has a plan. George thinks about Lee.

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[LJ wouldn't let me do a reply-comment to myself, so therefore this appears in fic format. Alas, it is short and necessary for plot development... Now Lee needs to come out and play!]