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Constant Vigilance is a post-Hogwarts RP.. sort of. The trio and co. have finished their seventh year, but when Hogwarts was partially destroyed during the last stretch of the war, plans were made to add on a university wing. This has just recently been opened, and classes have begun. Of course, many have opted not to return to Hogwarts, and instead are continuing on with their lives after the war.

For full details on what [most of] the characters have done in the past two years, and what they are up to now, check here. For more information about the RP itself, try here or click the banner above. All out of character posts go in vigilancerp

_minerva Minerva McGonagall; Headmistress
furax_pneum Narcissa Malfoy; Wizarding Economics
lupine_lupin Remus Lupin; Deputy Headmaster, Defense Against the Dark Arts
severussnapehp Severus Snape; Advanced Potions

Students, various vagabonds, and other non-staff
_roseandpearl_ Lavender Brown
unversed Susan Bones
_sevenfold_ Arthur and Molly Weasley
a_kestrel_girl Angelina Johnson
alastor_madeye Mad-Eye Moody
alshira Sirius Black
ascendancy_ Pansy Parkinson
baisezmoi_ Michael Corner
cravingnicotine Zacharias Smith
fasteddiec Eddie Carmichael
granger__girl Hermione Granger
jffletchley Justin Finch-Fletchley
longbottom_boy Neville Longbottom
macmum Ernie Macmillan
marcusxxflint Marcus Flint
mrpotter Harry Potter
nogood_twins Fred and George Weasley
nonsomnus Blaise Zabini
not_clumsy Nymphadora Tonks
notnotbiased Lee Jordan
peculiar_ Luna Lovegood
pigtails_x Hannah Abbott
praedatus Terry Boot
queen_weasley Ginny Weasley
redweasley Ron Weasley
rexcolubri Adrian Pucey
slytheringem Lucius Malfoy
sociopathically Daphne Greengrass
tessymoon Artemis Moon
tracey_knows Tracey Davis

thesubverse An Underground Newspaper for the Politically Disenfranchised and Disaffected.

A note: This game was begun before the release of Order of the Phoenix. Because of this, certain plot points etc have NOT been brought into the game. Some things have. If you're curious about what's what, or have any other questions [such as the ever-lovely "how do I join?"]- please send a note along.